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Bookish is a small independent bookshop in Rome. It was founded in 2015, spreading all the literature of the Middle and Far East that the bookseller can get his hands on, but it has expanded to include contemporary authors from all countries, with a careful selection by the bookseller herself, who prefers quality often independent publishing. «Bookish» in English means «person or lifestyle obsessed with books and reading»: here I am.


At the counter you will find:

Giorgia Sallusti (Rome, 1981) bookseller, yamatologist, translator. Graduated in oriental languages and civilizations at Sapienza University, she opened Bookish, an independent bookshop specializing in literature from North Africa, the Middle and the Far East. She is the author and voice of the podcast Yamato. A trip to Japan that they never told you about (Emons Record). He translated Io, lui e Muhammad Ali by Randa Jarrar for Racconti edizioni, and Ace. What asexuality reveals to us about desire, society and the meaning of sex by Angela Chen for Mondadori. He writes about books for Il manifesto and Altri animali, a magazine of which he is also editor, dealing with Japan, the Orient and feminisms.

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