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«I cannot hide my anger to spare you guilt, nor hurt feelings. [...] We welcome all women who can meet us, face to face, beyond objectification and beyond guilt.»
Audre Lorde, 1981

Un’antologia preziosa: The Penguin Book of Feminist Writing, con scritti di autrici femministe da ogni parte del modo e con un saggio introduttivo di Hannah Dawson.

Beginning in the fifteenth century with Christine de Pizan, who imagined a City of Ladies that would serve as a refuge from the harassment of men, the book reaches around the earth and through the years to us, now, splashing about in the fourth wave. It goes beyond the usual white, western story, encompassing also race, class, capitalism, imperialism, and other axes of oppression that intersect with patriarchy. Alongside Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who declared in Seneca Falls in 1848 the self-evident truth 'that all men and women are created equal', we find Sojourner Truth, born into slavery in New York in 1797, who asked 'and ain't I a woman?' Drawing on poems, novels and memoirs, as well as roaring manifestos, The Penguin Book of Feminist Writing parts the clouds on a constellation of feminist classics.

The Penguin Book of Feminist Writing

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