Titolo: Red Riding Hood

Autore: Beatrix Potter

Editore: Penguin

Prezzo: 15 euro 


Written over a century ago but never illustrated, Beatrix Potter’s slightly darker take on the classic The Tale of Red Riding Hood comes to life with beautiful illustrations from Helen Oxenbury.

Once upon a time there was a village child who was so pretty–so pretty as never was seen. The good woman, her mother, made the child a little hood of scarlet flannel. Wherever she went she wore it; and the folks called her “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Told with Beatrix Potter’s trademark forthright narration and wry observations, this unique take on the popular tale is sure to become as popular as her original stories. Award-winning illustrator Helen Oxenbury’s illustrations complement the original text with moments of beauty, tension, and humor.

Red Riding Hood

€ 15,00Prezzo
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